Using CasADi for Trajectory Optimization

Using Van der Pol oscillator as a placeholder.

\[{\displaystyle {d^{2}x \over dt^{2}}-\mu (1-x^{2}){dx \over dt}+x=0,}\]

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Why is Python slow?

Python is slow because

  • Dynamically typed
  • Interpreted
  • GIL

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Trigger Github Pages build

I recently moved the _layouts and _sass folders into their own theme repo. This resulted in me having trouble updating my website automatically when the theme is updated. I tried pushing empty commits to the Github pages repo but that started to get annoying after sometime. I did a little digging and found that github has an Pages Api for exactly this.


🔗 What is Salesforce?

Author gives a really good overview of what Salesforce is. This was an interesting read. I’ve always wondered how behemoths like Oracle lock customers into their ecosystem for decades.

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