Captain's log, stardate [-26]0395.00

This week in review: Life lessons, Geography lessons, and Hypervisors


Captain's log, stardate [-26]0360.00

We are entering troubled waters, beware! visual diff tool, C++ Templates, Google’s”Testing on the Toilet” and Compilers.


Captain's log, stardate [-26]0330.00

Fun week! Halloween, more DevOps stuff, JSON vs XML, cool electronics and Pies!!


Captain's log, stardate [-26]0295.00

I’ve been having trouble keeping myself motivated to work on my side projects. I am not sure if I’d call this a slump but it feels very close to one. During my time at the LL4MA Lab, I went through a similar phase. I was stuck on the same problem for a long time and losing motivation to do any work. My advisor, Dr. Hermans, asked me to write a status update at the end of everyday of all the things I worked on. The idea was that I would be able to look back at this at the end of the week and realize that my time was productive and to keep me motivated.

I have decided to start this process again. This will hopefully serve as a documentation of my work as well as help me realize all the things I have accomplished over the week.

I will create a post every Sunday and fill it up over the week. I decided to call this Captain’s log inspired by Star Trek. I will write a more detailed post on Captain’s log and stardates at a later time.


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