I am Chenna Kautilya. I work as a Software Engineer at Nimble Robotics. I work at the intersection of Robotics, Machine Learning and Software Engineering. Previously, I worked at Omron Research Center of America (ORCA) as a Robotics Software Engineer. At ORCA, I worked on Motion Planning for 6-dof Robotic Arms and Real Time Distributed system for Robot Control.

Path Planning is hard
Path Planning is hard.
credit: Jorge Cham

I earned a master’s degree in Robotics from the University of Utah. I worked under Dr. Tucker Hermans at the Learning Lab for Manipulator Autonomy (LL4MA Lab 🦙). During this time, I worked on Grasp Planning using Probabilistic Modeling and Machine Learning.

You can reach me over email, twitter, LinkedIn. Some of my projects are on GitHub and on my resume. My old website is yubaba and you can also find me on tor 🧅 at kchenna [truncated] d.onion. If you want to send me something super secret, use my public key. Here’s an old picture of me.