Snippets: Homebrew

Useful snippets reference while using Homebrew the unofficial macos package manager.


🔗 How Top Engineers Are Productive

These are some of the comments I found interesting on HN. I am reproducing them here as a reference for myself.


How to setup PREEMPT RT on Ubuntu 18.04

These are my notes on how to install install preempt_rt patch for linux kernel on Ubuntu 18.04. I am doing this for a robot control application where non-determinism can cause damage to life or property. I will be writing more blog posts about real time implementation for robotic applications.


🔗 Thats one way of thinking about Garbage Collection

I was once working with a customer who was producing on-board software for a missile. In my analysis of the code, I pointed out that they had a number of problems with storage leaks. Imagine my surprise when the customers chief software engineer said “Of course it leaks”. He went on to point out that they had calculated the amount of memory the application would leak in the total possible flight time for the missile and then doubled that number. They added this much additional memory to the hardware to “support” the leaks. Since the missile will explode when it hits it’s target or at the end of it’s flight, the ultimate in garbage collection is performed without programmer intervention.

Kent Mitchell

As long as the system is reasonably deterministic, I guess it doesn’t matter, since the application calls for eventual destruction of the memory.

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