Trigger Github Pages build

I recently moved the _layouts and _sass folders into their own theme repo. This resulted in me having trouble updating my website automatically when the theme is updated. I tried pushing empty commits to the Github pages repo but that started to get annoying after sometime. I did a little digging and found that github has an Pages Api for exactly this.


๐Ÿ”— What is Salesforce?

Author gives a really good overview of what Salesforce is. This was an interesting read. Iโ€™ve always wondered how behemoths like Oracle lock customers into their ecosystem for decades.

Setting up your Windows Development Environment

Are you forced to work in a Windows environment at work? Do you think Windows is a pain to work with? Would you rather eat a shoe? Then, this post is for you. Over the past year, I have been working on a Windows 10 machine. In this post, I am going to document some tools that I use to make my life a little better.

Most of these tools are pre-WSL time. I am going to update this post once I adopted WSL into my workflow.


Speed up Windows 10 VM on macOS host

While using Windows 10 Guest on macOS host, I found that Windows was running really slow. I first tried increasing the RAM to 6GB but there was no significant improvement in performance. I started tweaking a few settings and found that enabling 2D and 3D acceleration results in significant performance improvements.


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