Time Tracking

I have been meaning to track my time more seriously but haven’t stuck to that habit. I want to put more effort into it.

I found a framework by Alex Vermeer very interesting. He divides life in to certain categories and plans out what to do the next year. I think I have enough time this year to work on this.

  • Paid work (e.g., freelance clients)
  • Passion work (e.g., side projects)
  • Professional development (e.g., business development, networking, job applications)
  • Personal development (e.g., journaling, classes or workshops, inspiring reading)
  • Relationships (e.g., spending time with family, phone calls with friends, dates)
  • Play (e.g., shopping, TV, casual reading, going out)
  • Wellness (e.g., working out, taking necessary breaks, self care)
  • Support work (e.g., volunteering, mentoring)
  • Distractions (e.g., flipping through social media mindlessly, taking extra time to get out of bed in the morning)
  • Maintenance (e.g., running errands, getting ready, doing chores)

Interesting online communities

I had gotten deep into rabbit holes of generative art culture and found some interesting communities that organize online. These are a few of them.

🔗 Becoming a Rustacean: Part 1

I tried to learn Rust back in 2019 (its_rusty) but failed. I am trying to plan out my learning goals for 2023 and want to include rust.

🔗 Take a Break You Idiot

Burnout is a real thing. Take care of yourself.

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