I am Chenna Kautilya. I work as a Software Engineer at Nimble Robotics. I work at the intersection of Robotics, Machine Learning and Software Engineering. Previously, I worked at Omron Research Center of America (ORCA) as a Robotics Software Engineer. At ORCA, I worked on Motion Planning for 6-dof Robotic Arms and Real Time Distributed system for Robot Control.

Path Planning is hard

Path Planning is hard 1

I earned a master’s degree in Robotics from the University of Utah. I worked under Dr. Tucker Hermans at the Learning Lab for Manipulator Autonomy (LL4MA Lab 🦙). During this time, I worked on Grasp Planning using Probabilistic Modeling and Machine Learning.

You can reach me over email, twitter, LinkedIn. Some of my projects are on GitHub :octocat: and on my resume. My old website is yubaba and you can also find me on tor 🧅 at kchenna [truncated] d.onion. If you want to send me something super secret, use my public key. Here’s an old picture of me.

My other domains that are currently dormant:

  1. This picture was taken from Jorge Cham’s work for Willow Garage as part of the R.O.B.O.T. Comics series.