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I created my github account almost 10 years go in March of 2013. I was in India until mid 2016. I mainly used github for my personal website (github pages) and some Kaggle stuff until this point.

August of 2016, I moved to Utah for grad school. I worked at LL4MA Lab and we mainly used Bitbucket. Because of that my github is mostly dormant during this period. I became active in 2017 for a brief moment, I think this was the year I worked on a bunch of side projects and assignments that I wanted to show off. I quickly got distracted from this though.

2018 was when I graduated and started searching for jobs. I joined 42 Silicon Valley while searching for jobs. I was still very undecided if I wanted to do a PhD or go into the industry. I still think about this, if it was the right choice or not.

I was very active between 2019 and 2020. This was when I worked at Omron and had a very good work life balance. My contributions tanked once we were fully in lockdown. I got really into fitness and biking in particular. I did may 100+ km rides on my bike during this time.

I switched jobs from Omron to Nimble in May of 2021. Work took over most of my time at this point in my life. Any contributions here were related to stuff I was working on at Nimble.

Early 2022 I got very intestedted in generative art. I worked on creating lot of stuff using processing. I had a lot of fun doing this. While I stopped posting things publicly, I worked on making quite a few goofy animations that will probably never be public.

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